Welcome to Chartt Swim School/Clinic. CHARTT is named after my three children, Christine, Cara, and Matt. They are all competitive swimmers and they inspired me to start my coaching career in 2008.

I started Chartt Swimming as a swim clinic with my two daughters, Christine and Cara. All the kids in the clinic already knew how to swim and their parents asked me to help improving their child's stroke techniques. The clinic was very successful. Many swimmers we coached had qualified for the Jr. Nationals, Sectionals, Zones, and various local championship meets. 

Over the years, we have expended from teaching only advanced swimmers (clinic) to teaching kids who didn’t know how to swim any legal strokes (swim school). Many of those kids learning from scratch from our swim school are now year-round swimmers training in various groups such as National Development, Advanced Jr., and Mini Groups.

The main differences between Chartt Swimming and other swim schools are that we are not only teaching kids how to swim as a survival skill but also helping them to become better competitive swimmers to the highest level possible. Some kids quit our clinic/swim school after they learned enough (for example, after they could swim 25 meter freestyle and backstroke) and some other kids would come back to refine and polish their techniques.

If you are interested in reading more about my background in coaching and expectation of your child’s progress, you might want to read my blogs Paving the Road and Progress.

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