Beginner Group

 During each quarter (12-13 classes), we teach children in this group freestyle and backstroke. After one quarter, the fast learners are ready to move up to the intermediate 1 group. In average they move up to the next level after 2 quarters.

Some children make very slow progress due to one or more of the following reasons

·         Not paying attention in class
·         Don’t practice after clinic
·         Not practice what he/she learned in class when practice outside of clinic
·         Poor coordination (physically challenged)

I had to let a few kids in this group go (with refund) in the past due to one of the following:

·         Too young/immature to understand and follow instructions
·         Un-coachable – made absolutely no progress after many classes 

Intermediate 1 Group

During the 12-13 classes of each quarter, we spend about 50% of the time teach them butterfly while the other 50% review/refine freestyle, backstrokes, and learn flip-turns. In average, children stay in this group for 2 quarters.

Kids at this level are good enough to join a summer swim team and compete in the summer swim league.

Intermediate 2 Group

About 50% of the time learn breaststroke and the rest of the time review/refine freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and flip-turns.
Breaststroke is the most difficult stroke to learn for some people. Some children tried very hard but still couldn’t swim breaststroke legally after many classes.

Intermediate 3 Group

Children in this group can swim all 4 strokes legally. Most of them are moved up from the Intermediate 2 group and about ready to try out with a club swim team and start swimming year-round. Most swimmers in this group stay 1 to 2 quarters and then move to the Advanced Group.

Advanced/Elite  Group

Most children in this group are year-round competitive swimmers. Many swimmers in this group stay for more than 3 quarters to refine and polish their stroke mechanics. 

We have trained some outstanding swimmers in this group ranging from Montgomery County Summer League top 8 finishers to US Swimming zone, sectional, and Jr. National qualifiers since 2011.

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