1.       Where is the pool located?
Lake Forest Sport & Health
700 Russell Avenue Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Tell the receptionist at the front desk that you are here for swim lessons. The pool is downstairs

2.       What is the rate for your lessons?
Effective January 2019
Miss 0 or 1 class, e.g. for 14 classes per season, if your child attends 13 or 14 classes
Miss 2 classes
Miss 3 classes
Miss 4 or more classes

Each class is 1 hour and the maximum students/coach ratio is 4 for beginner to intermediate levels and 6 for advanced or elite groups. Typically there are 12 classes for each season and the payment is due on the first day of class in each season. Sibling discount is $26 for each additional sibling only available if each sibling sign up for all classes for the season.

Payment methods: PayPal, Venmo, Check (pay to the order of: Paul Chuang) or cash. PayPal or Venmo is preferred.
·         Please use chartt.swimming@gmail.com for PayPal and Venmo payment
·         For PayPal, please transfer fund from your bank account instead of your Credit Card to avoid the 3% charge to my account. Use "Send to a friend" (Don't use "Paying for an item or service") to avoid 2.9% fees.

All classes will be held on Sunday afternoons between 12pm to 6pm.

3.       Do you have a WeChat group?
Yes but it’s not very active. Please ask me or anyone in the group to forward you the QR code if you are interested.

4.       Skill Levels
Skill Level
Swim Ability (minimum)
Able to swim in any style from the middle of a lane to the wall or lane rope (about 5 feet) independently
Intermediate I
Able to swim freestyle for at least one pool length without stopping
Intermediate II
Able to swim free and backstroke for at least one pool length
Intermediate III
Able to swim all 4 strokes legally, i.e. 100IM
Competitive swimmer under age 10
Accomplished competitive swimmer age 10 and older. Have at least 2 BB time in his/her age-group

5.       What is your Makeup Policy?
Please understand that your child is NOT entitled for makeup classes (meaning that it’s not given and sometime your child doesn’t get it due to various reasons). Please be mindful that your child doesn’t  actually make up what he/she missed during his/her regular class because he/she can only take makeup classes with kids in lower or equal level classes, and most  likely won’t be learning the same skills as in his/her regular classes. If your child is not able to keep up with the other kids in his/her regular group, he/she would be moved down to a lower lever during the season.

Makeup classes are only valid during the season. If I cannot find space in a suitable group for your child’s makeup, you would have to take the loss.

6.       What is your Refund Policy?
You will get full refund for classes I cancelled due to pool closure or any other reasons. If your child has to miss a class, I will make arrangement for a makeup class only if I get notified before Friday. In case of sickness or last minute injuries, you must inform me before 9am on Sunday in order to be considered for makeup.

7.       What is the best ways to communicate with you?
Email (chartt.swimming@gmail.com), WeChat, text, or call (301-676-0838). I don’t have time to speak to parents during the classes.
8.       Do you offer private or semi-private classes?
Because of the high cost for renting a lane, it’s not feasible for me to offer private or semi-private lessons. However, I have made arrangement with the aquatic director to have our assistant coach Matt, who is also employed by Sport & Health as swim instructor and lifeguard, to teach private or semi-private lessons. If you are referred by me, you will pay S&H member rate and Matt will give you 5-10 extra minutes for each lesson which is officially 30 minutes, but Matt will extend the class to 35 to 40 minutes.
The costs of the discounted lessons are:

·         Private:                 $360 for 12 lessons;        $210 for 6 lessons
·         Semi-Private:     $240 for 12 lessons;        $150 for 6 lessons

You can further save money by paying $120 for 6 semi-private lessons. Here is the example: I have twin daughters and I would buy 12 lessons for $240. Since this is for semi-private lessons, I can have both of my daughters take total 6 lessons together, i.e. 2 children * 6 lessons = 12 lessons/child

Please first contact me if you are interested and I will put you in touch with the aquatic director at Sport & Health. You will make payment to Sport & Health for the lessons and request Matt Chuang to coach your child. Matt is a full-time college student at UMD. He only coaches during the breaks.

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