My daughter started Coach Paul's clinic last July. She was reluctant at first because she could swim all four strokes through the swim teams. "What is he going to teach me?" She kept asking on the way to the trial class. "I don't have to go if I don't like it, right?" That day was on free style, one of her better strokes. After the clinic, she told me solemnly: "mom, please sign me up. I don't know there are so many things wrong with my free style." Needless to say, her time has improved a lot since then.

Coach Paul works on the stroke details with the experienced swimmers. A picture is worth a thousand words- he uses underwater camera to capture the motion and explains to the swimmers what needs to be changed. At the higher level, it is the detail that breaks or makes the time. Coach Paul's dedication to the swimmers is admirable. He checks in with the swimmers and parents after the major meets, and is always open to comments. Not only he coaches the kids, he also offers invaluable advices to the parents from his swim dad journey. I highly recommend this clinic for the experienced swimmers.

另外赞一下教练!My daughter去年七月开始跟教练上课,stroke details 进步很大, 之前和此外都没有另外的教练,就是在大队人马里游一游,credit 只能归给庄教练.


-          Y.W.

We are very happy that we found Chartt Swimming, both our kids benefited tremendously with improved technique and confidence.

We have been to other group lessons before Chartt Swimming, the difference is day and night.  While all the lessons are taught in groups, Coach Paul pays attention to each kid, combined with his experience coaching kids from entry level to elite Jr. National level, none of the other programs we tried come even close. Coach Paul even devises individual plans for the kids in the elite group, with under water video recordings.

Of course, we are not expecting Coach Paul to turn our kids into Olympic athlete, he definitely made them better swimmers, much better swimmers than we had hoped for. Compliment club swim practice with lessons from Coach Paul is the best combination, in my opinion, for any club swimmer.

-          Jason

Thank you for your help. My daughter has travelled tremendous steps for the past months. Your coaching is exceptional. 

-          Y.J.

Both Frank and we are very happy to see he made great progress. We can't thank you enough.:) Frank will love to come back for all the 11 lessons next session for the next level.

-          X.T.

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